Friday, December 23, 2022


I cannot believe how many jerks in Congress and on TV were worried about how Zelensky was dressed when he appeared before Congress.


That morning the guy was on the front lines handing out medals to true heroes while all of these sleazes were taking up wasted oxygen instead of worrying about how to support Ukraine and help its brave people stop Putin in his tracks.

Zelensky is one of the truest examples of a modern-day hero, a David who has taken on Goliath. My only irate question is, who gives a flying fuck what he wore to Congress? As if scores of senators and representatives haven't already violated and spat on any pretended decorum, integrity and sanctity that that body ever might have presumed.


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Thank you!

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So what is our plan in helping Zelensky? It worries me that we’re sending them weapons and who knows where they end up. We should verify they are getting what we send. We should have a plan and not just blindly give weapons to a questionable leader. I don’t care what he wears, I care about his integrity, which seems to be scarce in his country.

Dan Newland said...

Thank you for your comment, "Anon".
I have an entirely different take from yours. First, I don't think Zelensky is a questionable leader at all. He has proven himself to be one of the world's most courageous and substantive leaders of any country. Second, there is no question of the ordnance that the US and other NATO nations are sending to him not being properly used. This is not me saying this, but top officers in the US Armed Forces and Pentagon spokespersons. This is also being borne out by numerous American volunteers who have seen the war in Ukraine for what it is, a line drawn in the sand by the Putin regime.
Basically, then, Ukraine, it's courageous people and it's determiuned president are all that is currently standing between Russia and the rest of Europe, since Putin has made no secret of the fact that his ambition is to return Russia to its erstwhile position as a worldwide imperial power. He speaks freely of the lost glory of the Soviet Union and has a portrait of Czar Nicholas on his wall. He believes himself to be the new incarnation of that imperial power and is bent of taking back Eastern Europe.
The world has Zelensky to thank for showing what a paper tiger Russia currently is and the help he's getting from the West as a whole is bearly enough to keep the Russians from overrunning Ukraine and moving ahead to other Eastern European nations. This is clearly why Putin is now making overtures to the Chinese, since he's losing a war that he thought would be a walkover.
To my mind and to those of America's top political and military leaders, then, there is simply no question about Zelensky's courage, integrity and sincerity.

Anonymous said...

I don't associate integrity with courageous or substantive. I do agree that Putin should be stopped from taking over Ukraine. Of course, the Pentagon are going to say we need to send weapons to them. But we should have a plan to cease to war. It benefits the Pentagon types to have a war somewhere even if we're not officially in it. It'd be better for them if we were to be in it, and they're working on that every day. How's your eyes?