Friday, August 28, 2020


As a former newsman, old habits die hard and I always think I have an obligation to watch both conventions, but at this age I no longer have any time or patience to waste and try as I might, I'd watch a little bit of the RNC Convention and, as a writer friend of mine said, "feel like I'd just had a lobotomy," and have to turn it over. Why watch when there was absolutely nothing of substance?

It was hard enough just getting through the intro by that flag-waving, self-righteous, Bible-thumping sycophant Jon Voight. But then to have to watch hours of fawning, mindless king-worship, continual lies, blatant hypocrisy from people like Nikki Haley, who in 2016 said Trump was a racist and unfit for office, and public self-congratulatory political masturbation with no policy revelations (because there aren't any), no mention of how to repair failed pandemic efforts, no attention to the most devastating hurricane in recent memory that was happening in real time, blaming the violence that his administration has spawned for the past four years on Biden (WTF!), and a GOP mob-fest (sans masks or social-distancing) at the White House—supposedly home to the leader of ALL Americans now converted into yet another piece of pro-Trump-only real estate—complete with red, white and blue fireworks to "celebrate" 181,000 COVID deaths and the devastation of parts of the deep South by a monster storm was just more than my septuagenarian heart could take. I preferred to read about it after the fact so I at least didn't have to listen to Trump's disdainful, mocking, conceited, unsympathetic voice.

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